General information about the project

The Regional Project for the development of water and wastewater infrastructure in Cluj and Sălaj counties, in the period 2014-2020 aims to continue the local development strategy of the water and wastewater sector in Cluj and Sălaj counties in order to meet the requirements of the Environmental Acquis of the European Union by promoting investments in the field of water and wastewater.

The general objective

The general objective of the project is the improvement of the water and wastewater infrastructure in the two counties by expanding in localities of over 50 inhabitants the drinking water supply service, microbiologically controlled, in safety and health protection, as well as by collecting and treating water used for agglomerations of more than 2,000 lei, in order to comply with European directives for the quality of water intended for human consumption (Directive 98/83 / EC) and for wastewater treatment (Directive 91/271 / EEC).

Specific objectives

Improving water quality by:
  1. Expanding the water supply from drinking water sources, microbiologically controlled, in conditions of safety and health protection in localities with over 50 inhabitants from Cluj and Sălaj counties by making additions and expanding the existing networks;
  2. Rehabilitation of existing water supply infrastructure (networks, tanks, pumping stations) in order to ensure operational safety, reduce losses and ensure the capacity needed to increase the connection of the population;
  3. Modernization of the Gilău Water Treatment Plant and rehabilitation of the Floresti Fountain in Cluj County in order to ensure quality drinking water

Improving wastewater collection and treatment by:
  1. Expansion of the wastewater collection network pentru aglomerările mai mari de 2.000 l.e din județele Cluj și Sălaj;
  2. Rehabilitation of wastewater collection infrastructure (networks, wastewater pumping stations) in order to reduce the risk of pollution and ensure the health of the population;
  3. Construction / Modernization / Extension of 4 treatment plants of wastewater for agglomerations larger than 2,000 l.e from Cluj and Sălaj counties;
  4. Implementation and efficiency of sludge management resulting in the wastewater treatment process by creating a sludge drying and recovery plant and related facilities.


The investments that will be made through the project include new works and rehabilitation:

  • 1,548 km water supply networks
  • 378 km of sewerage networks
  • 1 water source
  • 1 water treatment plant
  • 4 wastewater treatment plants
  • 99 water storage tanks
  • 75 water pumping stations
  • 99 wastewater pumping stations
  • 1 sludge drying and recovery plant.

Financing values

The project represents the fifth major financing from European funds granted to the company, their total value exceeding 600 million euros (including POIM financing).

The financing of the investment in proportion of 92.18% is from non-reimbursable public funds, of which 85% from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union, 13% from the state budget and 2% from local budgets. The co-financing of 7.82% is provided by a 6% bank loan contracted by Compania de Apa Someș S.A., and 1.82% from the state budget.

Adduction extension

The most important work within the project is the execution of the Cluj-Sălaj water supply, probably the longest drinking water supply in Romania. The main highway will cover 164 kilometers, to which will be added 153 kilometers of secondary branches, eliminating the dependence of adjacent rural localities on local sources vulnerable to climate change.